White Paper

Dear writer,


Please note that this paper needs to be written in the highest quality to ensure a solid grade. Will you please review all previous orders regarding the values/vision/ and mission to support the writing of this assignment? 


Here are the instructions. The paper associated with the values/vision/mission statement is the evidence-based research support for your statement. This portion is equivalent to a high-quality white paper in your organization’s archives that provides the rationale for you as a leader creating the organization’s values, vision, and mission. You will need to provide strong logic and facts to base your ideas. There is no length requirement, but as this paper is designed to convince others, you must have a robust and concise rationale. This needs to be a highly formal paper. APA formatting is required. It would be best if you also wrote in a manner that is highly professional and will be able to reach all audiences. Do not assume that your readers know what you are talking about, as this document records all that went into your value/vision/mission. To that end, explain all ideas and write in the third person to maintain an objective perspective.

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