Week 8: Overview

elcome to Week 8, the final and capstone week for the course. We hope that you have learned a lot about cybersecurity and data privacy, and how challenging and rewarding a career in this field can be. For this final week, you will:

    1. Refine the IRP you have been drafting to respond to particular facts affecting EZ Crypto’s operations in the United States, Europe and Africa. You will be required to analyze these facts in light of the various laws and regulations you have learned about over the past seven weeks.
    2. Watch a video interview of Nkechi Ezinmo, the Head of Digital Controls and Assurance at Virgin Media O2, who is based in London, England. She has great insights into how companies are leaning forward on cybersecurity and data privacy, such as by identifying and “premediating” cyber threats, as well as embedding cyber awareness deep into every facet of the business. [Please note – this interview will be available on Friday, November 25.]
    3. And finally, answer the following questions:
      1. Based on your experience with the course, are you interested in a career in this field? If so, is your interest greater or less than at the beginning of the course?
      2. What interests you more? The focus on data privacy (including the autonomy of the individual, human rights, self-sovereign identities, etc.) or the cybersecurity aspect (deterring cybercrime, risk mitigation, etc.)? Tell us why.
      3. Based on your answer in ii, what specific opportunities are you most interested in pursuing? [Maybe we leave this open, or provide suggested answers, like – getting my CIPP designation; [other cyber designations]; and
      4. As you think about your career progression in this area, are there other fields you are interested in learning more about (e.g., regulatory compliance, blockchain and crypto; more specialized training in cybersecurity or data privacy); and finally:
      5. How else can we help you attain your career goals?

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