Texas News Evaluation Essay

Evaluation Essays are due the day after the news is presented by 11:59 pm.


Steps in writing a Texas News Evaluation Essay

Refer to your Communication and Writing in History power point for more specifics on writing essays. Pay close attention to the use of capitalization, punctuation, and sentence structure.


  1. Your topic is Texas News Presentations
  2. Write an introduction with four sentences: a hook, background information (perhaps the purpose of this project), a brief statement of what you will be discussing, and an underlined thesis statement. This sets out the overall purpose of the evaluation
  3. Use transitions as you move from paragraph to paragraph
  4. The following questions will be the criteria you will use for these evaluation essays. You might want to compare and contrast new stories or make generalizations with supporting evidence from your notes, for example. Always reference specific presenters and specific news stories with details to support your assertions. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE ALL OF THE FOLLOWING to write a good evaluation.
  5. Were the news stories based on fact or ”fake news” or “big lies”
  6. Were specific sources cited? Sources give the story more legitimacy
  7. Was the news presented objectively? Did the reporter editorialize?
  8. Were major new stories covered? Give examples with some details about the story. Were their major new stories that were omitted? Give examples.
  9. Were visuals used effectively? (Videos and pictures) Were these visuals discussed and/or explained?
  10. Who was prepared and who was not? Explain
  11. Which stories were most interesting? Who presented less important stories? Who had dynamic deliveries? Refer to specific reporters and stories
  12. To what extent did these presentations benefit you?
  13. Write a conclusion


I have attached a screen recording of the presentations.

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