Texas Abortion Restrictions

Texas News Project: FAll, 2022

As a result of participating in this project you will:

  • Become “news conscious”
  • Gain a clearer understanding of Texas History, Texas Government, and Texas Culture
  • Follow developing news stories
  • Recognize and distinguish between objective and biased news reporting
  • Distinguish fact from opinion
  • Express yourself with precision and clarity, both orally and in writing
  • Have fun!!

Beginning on Sept. 28 and continuing on Oct. 12 and Oct. 31, 7-8 members of the class will present some of the major/leading Texas news stories, and where possible, stories that relate to the subject matter being discussed in class.                                                                                  

On each “News” day, 7-8 students will have approximately five-six minutes each to present their news story. One of these students will coordinate to make certain the same story is not being covered twice.

Each student will create a power point that includes 2-3 pictures to go along with the news presentation. 

*Do not use a font smaller than 28, and make certain words can be read against your background.

*Additionally, each story should have a news clip 1-2 minutes long (These 1-2 minutes are incorporated within your 5-6 minute presentation time).  The presenter needs to introduce the news clip, explaining why it was chosen, what we will see, etc. Do not just say, “Here is my news clip” or words to that effect. The clip might be used as a hook to get our attention or as a conclusion at the end of the presentation.

*Open your power point and video clip before class and minimize them so you can easily pull them up when it is your turn to present.

*Each story presented should be based on a minimum of two sources from different news outlets. The Texas Tribune, NPR/ TPR (90.1FM—88.? in SA, Spectrum News 1 are good sources)

Grading Criteria: Your Grade will be based on the extent to which you:

  1. On the day you present your news story, you will need to submit these items to me in canvas ASAP after class is over- no later than 11:59 pm:
  2. a copy of your power point
  3. a copy of the script for your presentation if it differs from the information in the power point
  4. a copy of the sources used to prepare your news story (a minimum of two clearly labeled sources )
  5. the URL for your video. Try to embed your video/video URL into your power point. I must be able to open it and review it in order to grade your presentation.
  6. If you believe the sources you are using are representing a particular bias, point this out, and explain that bias to the class. (Or, find better sources). Present both sides of issues where possible!
  7. Present stories objectively. There is a difference between source bias and reporter bias. Minimize editorializing to avoid reporter bias. Do not say in my opinion or I think. 
  8. Cover MAJOR stories that focus primarily on Political Issues (consequences of redistricting & gerrymandering, the gubernatorial race between Beto O’Rourke and Greg Abbott), Economic Concerns (impact of Covid on the Texas economy, How Texas will benefit from the CHIP Act and the Inflation Reduction Act), Foreign Issues (The US/Mexico border wall), Domestic Issues (Abortion issue, books in schools. Abbott sending migrants to NY, DC, Chicago, etc.), Health/Science Stories (Covid and Monkey Pox as they impact Texas, Climate change and the impact of the current drought, ERCOT and the power grid). Avoid stories that are only local in interest, focus on sports, deal with the personal lives of celebrities, etc.  If in doubt, ASK ME!
  9. Talk to us, do NOT just read to us. Enunciate! Speak clearly and do not rush. You may have notes, and you may read quotes to support your story, but there must be meaningful eye contact. If you put your presentation notes into the power point, this should not be an issue.
  10. Choose interesting stories, and present them enthusiastically. Have a hook (possibly a video clip) to introduce your story.
  11. Have visuals: a video clip (not longer than 2 minute, preferably shorter), and 2-3 pictures included in your power point. Explain the purpose of the video clip, and explain your pictures. Discuss your video.
  12. Keep Everything “G” rated.—My definition, not TV’s, DVD’s, or movies, etc. No profanity, no nudity, no racial or gender slurs, etc.


Here are the links to the articles you can do the presentations on Please add a citation page to the last slide:







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