sustainable economy topic paper

Formatting Requirements:


Short Essay:

What are some practical and sustainable solutions to one of the following issues listed below in California?  Solutions can be in the form of policy change, cultural change, starting a coalition, starting a business, non-profit organization, research, volunteer work/program, etc. You can create and develop your own sustainable solutions but support your decisions from the research you conduct. You can also research some current solutions that are being implemented and write about if these solutions working and how can they be improved?

  • Economy – examples topics:
    1. Agriculture
      1. Labor
      2. Farming practices
    2. Housing market
    3. Silicon Valley
  • Energy needs for Californians
  • Land degradation (mainly soil conditions from poor agricultural practices)
  • Sustainable development (commercial or housing) – example topics:
    1. Material (sand, wood, steel, paint, etc.)
    2. Energy usage
  • Landfill waste – examples topics:
    1. Plastic waste
    2. Clothes (fast fashion)
    3. Food waste
    4. Cans and bottles
  • Transportation – example topics:
    1. Traffic, roads
    2. CO2 emissions (air quality)
    3. Public transportation
    4. Vehicle regulations (commercial and/or non-commercial)


Elements to include and consider for the paper:

  • Include your sources (a minimum of 3-4 sources) and always support your claims.
  • Use credible sources: reputable newspaper articles, city/county website, journal article, books, etc.
  • Limit yourself to using only one quote if you do include one, page number is a must when using a quote for the in-text citation


Structure of the paper (this is just an example):

  1. Introduce the issue you chose to focus on and give an overview what will be discussed in the following paragraphs.
  2. Introduce solutions (either your own, current ones, critique and improve existing ones, or ones being researched)
  3. Critique the solutions: what are the barriers to making it successful, what works and doesn’t, what needs to change, etc.
  4. Concluding thoughts and summarize the main takeaways from the paper.


Why are we doing this? And, what personal benefit will you get?

  • To learn about and discover sustainable solutions for the issues California is facing and create a circular economy.

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