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I previous submitted this assignment to get done but it was done incorrectly. 
Here was what was submitted to me:

For my research, I would like to assess awareness of radiation safety among healthcare professionals . 

1. In healthcare, advancement in technology has led to an increase in the of radiological interventions for diagnostic procedures and treatment. It is important to note that the use of radiation increases the dose of radiation to the healthcare professionals working in the radiology departments. Therefore, radiation safety should be a major concern. However, according to the literature, various studies have demonstrated inadequate awareness and knowledge regarding radiation safety among healthcare professionals.

2. However, this research is suited to use a quantitative method. This method of study involves the collection and analysis of numerical information. Moreover, this method is reliable in predicting outcomes, testing hypotheses, and establishing a relationship between different variables. 

3. The research faces various ethical and legal concerns. One of them is the issue of consent. This requires research participants to be fully informed of the risks and benefits of participating in the research and to take part voluntarily. Other ethical concerns in research include beneficence, confidentiality, and non-maleficence.


Here is feed back from my professor:

While your research interest is specific to the radiology profession, the appropriateness of the topic will depend on a few things. 

  1. Will clinical research be needed to answer the research question? If so, then you will need to reframe your focus and approach the topic from a healthcare/radiology administration or education lens. Ensure your topic addresses a specific issue, difficulty, contradiction, or gap in knowledge that needs to be addressed within radiology education or administration.
  2. Is there evidence (published literature) that indicates an existing problem or justification for the research?

As you begin to review the literature, consider the following:

  • Narrow down the variables. Identify the specific component you will need to measure (what data will be needed to address your topic?). This will help in your literature review as you progress.
  • Consider how you will frame the research question. Good research questions are open to debate and researchable, meaning the answer to the question can be supported by research findings. Think of it this way; you want your research question to be complex enough so you can build a case to support the answer. Imagine a lawyer who uses evidence to support an argument and convinces the jury.
  • Your research paper must include a theoretical framework that supports your question. As you start reviewing the literature, pay attention to the theories mentioned in the research articles. Your topic might include theories associated with student learning, educational technology, adult learning, etc. You will need to identify one to three theories relevant to your topic within leadership, education, and social science (check out these links for more info on potential theories: Theoretical Frameworks for LeadershipLeadership TheoriesCompliance TheoriesEducational TechnologyFrameworks, and 15 Theories in Education)

Check out these links for examples of research questions. While these articles cover different topics, they might provide some insight or inspiration on how you might frame your question and determine the variables:



I need this assignment to be submitted as my professor is requesting. It is import that the topic addresses a specific issue, difficulty, contradiction, or gap in knowledge that needs to be addressed within radiology education or administration.

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