Identify current federal initiatives aimed at promoting electronic health information exchange

Assignment Directions:

Imagine that you are the director of health information for a large hospital. As director, you will create a chronological timeline of federal initiatives that have progressed health information exchange in the United States. The timeline should include the following information:

  • Select at least 8 federal initiatives that have progressed health information exchange.
  • Create a timeline that lists each initiative in progressive order.
  • Provide the following information for each initiative:
    • year enacted
    • name of the federal initiative
    • brief description of the federal initiative
    • purpose and how it has impacted health information exchange.


Create the timeline using a SmartArt Graphic in Microsoft Word. A timeline SmartArt Graphic template has been provided to help you get started. You may also use any other software that you would like to create your timeline (i.e., Canva).

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