Ethical dilemmas Veterinarians face for surgeries such as declawing, ear cropping or debarking

Step 1: Perform your analysis. Apply the recommended high quality, ethical decision making process. You’ll want to consider the facts of the situation, the ethical lenses, legal, regulatory, and any other more specific lenses that might be applicable. Describe how the key concepts apply, and explain why the decision is difficult or complicated. Recommend the course of action you believe is ‘best’ taking all the relevant considerations into account.

Your textbook should be your primary reference. (Business ethics 15th edition: Decision making for personal integrity & social responsibility by Laura P. Hartman)  Your paper may also include independent and reliable sources (many of which you might access from your textbook’s chapter notes). You should feel free to consult sources on the Internet. However, always make sure your work is original and well-documented. Notes from a website should include the source of the site. This is done to establish that the site is authoritative and not merely idle opinion.

Use APA style for citations and the Works Cited page.

Step 3:  Your analysis should be five to eight written pages. The essay should include a brief introduction, several paragraphs examining the key issues, your recommended course of action, and a conclusion that acknowledges arguments for and against your recommended decision. 


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