Domino’s Pizza

  • When making your choice look for a company that represents all six business environments. Select a Company from following link – Bottom 89

Do not select any of the following companies: Amazon, McDonald’s, Sears, KMart, Family Dollar

  • Identify and describe the company (Domino’s Pizza) you have decided to use for your assignments.
  • Describe why the company is considered a “worst.”
  • Explain your rationale for selecting this company to evaluate applying the six business environments ( Domestic; Global; Socio-Cultural; Political-Legal; Economic; Technological) we will be studying in this course. You do NOT need to discuss the business environments in depth here. Simply explain why you believe this company, with its “worst” issues, is a good choice to satisfy the 6 environments for your study. (HINT: Review the Final Simulation Assignment due at the end of Week 8.)
  • Cite the list source where you found the company listed as a “worst” company.


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