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This discussion board will focus on the financial aspects of CPT codes and insurance reimbursements. Please look at the spreadsheet provided in this week’s module for the data to this exercise. After looking at the spreadsheet I want you to answer 3 questions. 

1. Why is there such a difference between the different payors in regards to reimbursement for exams? Is this a normal practice in radiology?

2. Do healthcare facilities actually collect the full reimbursement amounts for these radiology studies. Why or why not?


                                                                 Radiology Scenario

You are a Director of Radiology at a hospital or smaller facility and you are tasked with starting a nuclear medicine department that will have 1 scanner. Initially, you are projected to be very slow to start off with but the idea is to attract business from multiple practices outside the facility. How would you go about seeing if adding nuclear medicine would make sense financially? What tools from this course would help you with this assessment? Also, if adding the nuclear medicine scanner does not make sense, why would a facility still move ahead with the project?



 please fill out excel sheet as well

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