Different types of organizational waste


Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read sections 17.0–17.3 in Chapter 17 of the required textbook, Operations and Supply Chain Management. In addition, read The Amazon Effect and the Global Supply ChainLinks to an external site. , and watch A Greener Workplace: Planning and Managing for SustainabilityLinks to an external site..

In a fast food restaurant, for example, we often see overproduction (food sitting under hot lamps with no immediate sale), customers waiting, incorrect orders, undercooked or overcooked food that must be discarded, employees running around the kitchen not having clearly defined jobs, and so on.

Identify an organization that is familiar to you, and provide examples of different types of waste. Additionally, identify some potential lean tools and approaches to address the waste.

Your initial response should be a minimum of 200 words.



Collier, D. A, & Evans, J. R. (2019). Operations and supply chain management. Cengage Learning.

McLean, M. (Writer), Baricevic, T. (Director), & de Robbio, M. (Producer). (2009). A greener workplace: Planning and managing for sustainabilityLinks to an external site. [Streaming video]. Films On Demand database.

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