Creating a Privacy Policy

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Instead of writing a discussion post this week, you will create a privacy policy. Fear not, as you’ll create your policy online through a privacy policy generator. Visit this website for information on free privacy policy generators:

Links to an external site.. Select a generator after visiting a few of the websites and experimenting with their generators.

You will need to create some fake information about a fake company of your creation, then go through the guided interview on the website you select to create your policy. Depending upon the generator, you can substitute random responses to generate the policy. For example, the blank after a question may say “e.g., your company website.” Most generators will allow you to move through that question by simply typing something like, “” 

After downloading or printing your policy, please upload it to the assignments tab in Canvas for this week or email to Professor Furnier at 


11 Best Privacy Policy Generators Ranked & Reviewed [2022] (

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