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The purpose of this writing assignment is to explore, in depth, a topic from the course.  Consider this paper a supported essay, rather than a classic term paper.  This means that you will need to cite sources as you have not done the original work on the topic or, for example, written the origin myth yourself. You are writing a scholarly response to the topic you choose from the list below.  If you have a burning need to write about a different topic we talked about, run it by me first.



You will need to use in-text citations and APA format. Do NOT include an abstract for this essay.  Please make use of the OWL Purdue link on the next page (citation help).


You may use the author that we used to introduce the topic but you must expand beyond them.  You will need at least three sources. Wikipedia may not be a third source (but it can be helpful to find sources by looking in the works cited area of a topic), nor can the third source be a web-page, blog, or media post.  If you want to use any of those things, they would have to be legitimate and be an “extra” source.


The essay should be between 4-6 pages (approximately 1300-1500 words).  Please do not try all of the usual nonsense to make your paper seem longer like messing with word breaks, long quotes or margins.  I am aware of this silliness.  Also I will be copy and pasting your paper to check for white “words.”  You will want to double space and don’t forget that a quote longer than three lines needs to be single-spaced, block indented.



The concept of a soul exists in most societies. How is this concept used to reinforce societal norms and “good” behavior? Pick a specific religion Buddhism

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